Island Map: Major Bodies of Water and Landforms

Major Bodies of Water

  • Barbados has few lakes and rivers. The only 5 rivers are Long Pond, Joe’s, Bruce Vale, Indian, and Constitution (being the longest).
  • To the west is the Caribbean Sea. To the east is the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Bays include Six Men’s Bay(SW) and Carlisle Bay(NW).


  • The tallest mountain is Mount Hillaby. It is 1115 feet tall.  It is the highest point in the Eastern Caribbean.
  • Hackelton’s Cliff is in East Barbados.
  • A beach on Barbados includes Crane Beach in SE Barbados. Right off the coast of Crane Beach is Cobblers Reef.
  • Barbados has 2 Main Regions- Scotland District and Limestone Lands.
  • Scotland District is in eastern Barbados. It is a very moist area with channels with that irrigate water. The 5 rivers are located in this region.
  • Limestone Lands are broken are broken down into 5 sub-regions. They are Flatlands, Uplands, Terraces & Cliffs, Valleys, and Dome.

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